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An Experience Specifically Designed To Keep The Momentum Going

Want to continue balancing and controlling your days, emotions, and mental state along with being uplifted spiritually? Here's what members are saying…

Experience continuous support and solutions

“It is like having a mentor, coach, spiritual director, therapist, best friend all in one same place.” - Mary, Catholic Caregiver Community Member

Techniques to drive healthy & positive mental and emotional wellbeing

“Has it REALLY been three months since I joined the membership? It’s been a beautiful time with Catholic Caregiver Community. I begin with saying, I’ve been able to set some boundaries, your techniques have been life changing. THANK YOU!” - Claire, Catholic Caregiver Community Member

Expert guidance

“I found someone that gets me, guides me and lifts me up every week”

- Pamela, Catholic Caregiver Community Member

Practical and relatable strategies

“Talking to Your Siblings About Your Aging Parent" - Such a needed topic to cover and conversation to have! We have been dealing with this over the past year. It is a tough one! Thanks for willing to tackle it!” - Silvia, Catholic Caregiver Community Member

Result-oriented advice

“It is so important to ask for specific and concrete help and not assume those around us can read our minds! This is great advice and reminder! ” - Nancy, Catholic Caregiver Community Member

Practical tools to alleviate your overwhelm

“Counsel, wisdom, and inspiration via The Catholic Caregiver Community has lifted a heaviness off my shoulders, I don’t feel alone any longer” - Diana, Catholic Caregiver Community Member

So, what is The Catholic Caregiver Community?

This is the place for you to continuously build, nurture, and master the 5 Catholic Daughter elements needed to care for an aging parent and manage all aspects of your life with confidence, strength, peace, and joy. The best part is, every week, we deliver you a new, proven, and easy-to-apply technique or tactic to apply the strategies you learned in the workshop! We did the work for you. We gathered the best practices out there! You will get action-by-action steps to conquer the 4th commandment and live with balance, control, and purpose. Did we mention there will be plenty of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to keep you moving forward in your journey?

The Catholic Caregiver Community Is the Next Step in Your Caregiving Journey

Just Think About All The Progress You’ve Made

IT’S ABOUT caring for your HEART & SOUl TOO



A lot of grace

“After initially wondering about my place and being momentarily overwhelmed, I’ve been using what I’ve read in the material. There has been a lot of grace to fully enjoy this time."

“I felt lost!!! Until you came into my life!! Thank you!!!"

“Thank you sooo much !!  I already feel better…Catholic Daughter is so wise and aligned with our dear Lord.”







Private yet united



“Thank you for the reminder. Mom is a devout Catholic and I whisper prayers to her…she is in very late stage of dementia.”

“Knowing there is community of women that are reaching out for help, gives me a sense of belonging to something beautiful. Although we don’t interact, we are united in this journey”

“I love your weekly guidance. As a Catholic daughter, your counsel strikes a chord in my heart. I appreciate what you do as it feeds me!”







Learn Exactly What You Need To Conquer The 4th Commandment.

Catholic Caregiver Community Catholic Daughter Caring For Parent

Sharpen Your Roles

Receive guidance at a professional level. We filtered what is relevant for this role and

what you need to know

A taste of the solutions and support you'll receive:

Decision Making During Caregiving; How To Deal With Volatile, Uncertain, Complex And Ambiguous Situations; Communication In A Chaotic Caregiving Environment; Uncover The Essentials; The Minimal Musts… and so much more!

Nail down your role of caring without hindering your personal and professional life. Harness the managerial and leadership expertise you need to up your game, enabling you to take on caregiving because, let's be real, this role is challenging.

Caring for a parent support group catholic caregiver community

Pursue Self-Care

Get professional level coaching to put your oxygen mask on first

Gain practical self-care methods through on-demand conversations such as:

Boundaries That Matter; Nutritional Hacks To Save You Time; Using Your Senses To Trigger Awareness And Decision Making; Don't Disrupt Your Well-Being...so much more!

It can be easy to deviate from pursuing self-care. As a member of The Catholic Caregiver Community, our experts will coach you through self-care approaches, habits, and actions that will WORK, WORK, WORK during caregiving. The self-care practices you will build in this community will carry on throughout your life!

Caring for mom or dad catholic caregiver community

Lean The Catholic Gems

Develop the wisdom and strength to confidently undertake what comes your way through tactics rooted in your Catholic faith

Here is a taste of the gems you will receive:

A Moment Of Great Intimacy; Actions To Carry Out The Mission; Surpassing Invisible Beauty Of Truth; Express Your Love…so much more!

This will be your haven of unparalleled uplift and inspiration. You will be gifted with beautiful meditations, talks, and reflections led by inspirational souls like priests, consecrated, theologians, doctors, nurses, and therapists, triggering an epic transformation in you.

Catholic Support Group Caring For Aging Parent

Unite With Others

Be empowered by skilled tactics to get clarity on effectively tapping into resources

Here is a snapshot taste of what you'll receive when you join:

Awareness Is Your Personal Compass; Expect The Unexpected; Get Over Your Ego, Reach Out; Leverage Social Media For Your Benefit…and so much more!

You know the importance of the “power of others,” yet during caregiving, we tend to de-prioritize or make excuses due to time, energy, or even money. There is beauty, goodness, and purpose in uniting with others and leveraging resources. We filtered what you needed to know on the subject because we are passionate about making your life easier!

Catholic Caring For Aging Parents mom and dad

Master The Moments

Collect transformative therapeutic techniques we deliver to you via the membership

You will be showered with simple and powerful therapeutic techniques that will help you win moments such as:

Train Your Eye For Beauty; Change Your Background; Emotional Intelligence Toolkit; Head, Heart, Hands (+Humor)...and plenty of more.

We are obsessed with guiding you to win key moments as a daughter. You will begin confidently caring in a state of peace and joy while honoring mom/dad in the final stages of their life. It is possible! You can create memorable moments with your parent and we're going to give you the exact techniques needed.

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Catholic Caring For Aging Parents Catholic Caregiver Community

Catholic Caregiver Community Ecosystem

This private membership is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. We've covered all the fine details to make being a caregiver as effortless as possible. Our job is to make sure you to win, win, win (in all areas of your life)!

Simple, quality, and results is the name of our game! We did not cut corners and are only using top-notch technology. Your success is our success. We are not throwing you into a vault of hundreds of resources, letting you fend for yourself with an overload of information, and waving goodbye. We have an intentionally crafted methodology, reason, and a curated process to how and when you will receive your weekly deliverables.

Expect to spend 20 minutes a week with us at the time most convenient for you - via your computer, phone, or tablet. The Catholic Caregiver Community is available whenever you need us. We're here to meet your needs and make this community professional, joyful, uplifting, motivating, and TRANSFORMATIONAL. Members tell us that their Catholic Caregiver Community time is their most cherished time of the week! We're confident it will become yours too!

Let's Talk Bonuses

Caring for a mom or dad aging parent help support.png



Long Distance Daughter Best Practices Handbook

Finances & Caring Manual For Daughters

Caring for your parent who doesn't live with you? Being a long-distance daughter comes with unique circumstances. This handbook is filled with best practices and ready-to-use essential assessments designed to eliminate or minimize the complexities you may encounter when your parent doesn't live with you.

One of many dimensions of caring is financial. The financial implications of caregiving often come as a surprise. This manual sets you up for success and includes wisdom from fellow Catholic Daughters and copy/paste scripts to lead financial conversations with your parent, siblings, and family confidently.


• We desire that you continue to put your oxygen mask on first. You know you need continuous support. We promise to deliver by equipping and championing you with what you need.

• We desire to help you get through the pain, hardship, and messiness of the caregiving role - which are inevitable - with professional wisdom, knowledge, and motivation.

• We desire that you carve time, energy, and effort to focus on what is important to you.

• We desire that you achieve the legacy you wrote to yourself during the workshop so that you can look at this season with peace and joy.

• We desire that you continue to see transformation and results to propel you to move forward with faith, hope, and love.

• We desire that you continuously build, nurture and master the 5 key elements of the Successful Approach: Caring For An Aging Parent because it works, works, works.

Click here to conquer the 4th commandment

Mom or dad aging caring for them catholic daughter.png

Fr. Daniel, MA, PHD, Author

Maria Lees Dunlap, CEO, Grief Doula, Speaker

Dr. Marisue

Lessons From St. Joseph For Caregivers

Navigating Healthcare System

Grief Companionship With Maria

Catholic Caregiver Community Caring For Parent Support

Nurse Mary

Fr. John, MA, Author

Dr. David Gaviria, PhD, MPH, RD, LND

Be Pro-Life At The End-Of-Life

Self-Care & Caring Reflection

Nutrition For A Daughter Caring

Words from the community members





Catholic Caregiver Community
Catholic Care for aging parent app
Catholic Caregiver Community Caring for mom or dad
Caring for an aging parent community

Amazing Content

Gained Confidence

It Works, Works, Works!

Keep My Lamp Burning

“Hey, I just wanted to say that your content is amazing.”

“Thank YOU. I’ve really gained confidence in my role and can address mom with love as I should rather than cowering. Whew!"

“So, true about the five key elements to move yourself toward grace and dignity for our parents. I am now focusing on all the aspects of my life - they also need  attention.”

“There are days that I run out of oil. But Catholic Caregiver Community somehow knows exactly what to say in those weeks to keep my lamp burning.”

I want to join the community

Here’s What We Know To Be True…

We “get you.” We fully understand what you’re trying to achieve and how you want to achieve it. And we’re here to keep you focused, propel you forward, motivate you, and help you master your role as a caregiver while keeping your life balanced and in control. We know that during challenging times, daughters can derail from the success approach, be taken off balance, and life can spin out of control.

Because we know this…we know how challenging caregiving can sometimes be. We know how quickly this journey can go from under control to chaos. And that’s precisely the intention of the Catholic Caregiver Community to enable you to navigate emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually through all the good times and the tougher times.

Bottom line…we’re here to give you the specific techniques, tactics, and inspiration to not only navigate the challenges ahead…but to push through them and thrive through them!

Caregiving has its ups & downs. It is not linear. Things tend to get a little or a lot messy unexpectedly.

The truth is, nothing is harder than navigating uncertain times by yourself. It leads to overwhelm, exhaustion, guilt, and depletion.

That's NOT at all how you want to be feeling while trying to do good!

You invested in The Successful Approach: Caring For An Aging Parent Workshop, and the approach works, works, works.

You experienced progress, yet it is so easy to go back to poor habits or poorly handle new tough situations. Caregiving can quickly spiral out of control.

That's why it's more important now than ever to stay plugged in with Catholic Caregiver Community to keep you sharp and help you navigate whatever situation.

This is your path to continuously progress in sharpening your role, maintaining self-care, leaning into Catholic gems for spiritual nourishment, uniting with others for support, and mastering moments, all while being inspired and motivated.

This is about keeping your oxygen mask on so you can honor and respect your mom or dad. And if you are serious about doubling down on what you have learned in The Successful Approach Workshop - and keep sharpening your skill to manage caregiving along with all other aspects of your life - then there’s no better place to be than right here.

Join the community

A Sample Of The Weekly Support And Solutions To Expect As A Member Of The Community:

Mastering Family Members

Set Self-Care In Motion

Master Emotional Moments

12 Caregiver Communication Commandments

Enable you to sharpen your role as a caregiver.

Keep you accountable to care for yourself.

Inspire creative ways to reach out to the right support.

Spark inspiration through the beautiful gems we have in our faith.

Prompt joyful moments with your mom or dad.

Champion you every step of the way.

Lessons From A Former Caregiver

The Great Catholic Gems

The Decision Making Tool You Need

The Evolution Of An Aging Parent

From Members

Techniques That Work

Daughters Know Best

Like A Therapist

"Mom you need this” (referring to Catholic Caregiver Community)

- Julie

“My daughter told me: 'Mom have you thought about going to a therapist?' I answered, 'Actually, I just signed up for Catholic Caregiver Community” - Colleen

“Reflecting on your boundaries guidance, we decided to get 24 hour caregivers to dad (who are excellent, by the way) so our mom can let daughters be daughters.” - Laurel

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The catholic caregiver community

So Let's Recap...

Here's Everything You Get When You Join

Unstoppable Confidence



More Winning


Why This Matters: When you keep the momentum of The Success Approach all through the season of caregiving your life remains in balance, under control, and rooted in purpose.

Why This Matters: Winning moments in your roles as a daughter, caregiver, mother, wife, friend, coworker, and other roles fuel you with the confidence needed to continue moving forward.

Why This Matters: The decisions you make as a Catholic Daughter are some of the most important decisions you will make. Act with confidence and safeguard yourself from regret and guilt.

Continuous Support & Solutions

Collective Brilliance & Experience

Accountability Ecosystem

Why This Matters: Momentum fizzles out when to tackle caregiving alone and caring for mom or dad becomes a heavy cross to bear. With the proper accountability, you will stay ahead of challenges.

Why This Matters: This role calls for an ongoing best friend, a mentor, a coach, motivation, techniques, tactics, spiritual accompaniment, support, and solutions to carry you through the ups and downs.

Why This Matters: Tap into collective wisdom and experiences from professionals across disciplines to save time and effort (even money) with proven and easy-to-implement techniques and tactics.

I'm In! Join the Community now!

The Catholic Caregiver Community

The World-Class Support You Deserve

The Catholic Caregiver Community supports you and keeps you moving forward throughout your entire season of caring for your mom or dad.

The Catholic Caregiver Community is the most comprehensive, professional, transformational support available for women to managing this season of your life - the best part is that all of the support, solutions, and accompaniment you receive is rooted in Catholic Doctrine.

What're you waiting for? Join us to fast-track yourself to a more balanced, controlled, and purposeful season of caring?

Catholic Caregiver Community Caring For Aging Parents Catholic

Join The Community & Conquer The 4th Commandment

Sharpen Your Role professional level strategies // VALUE: $1,200 per year

Pursue Self-Care coaching, motivation, and solutions // VALUE: $900 per year

Lean Into Your Catholic Gems spiritual direction/guidance // VALUE: Priceless

Unite With Others skilled mentorship filled with tactics // VALUE: $480 per year

Master The Moments therapeutic techniques // VALUE: $600 per year

Catholic Caregiver Community membership ecosystem // VALUE: $360 per year

Total Value: $3,540 per year

All of this for only $15 a month

or $150 for one year (get 2 months free)

Ready to conquer the 4th?

The Catholic Caregiver Community is the most comprehensive, professional, transformational support

available for women to manage this season in life - the best part is that all of the support,

solutions, and inspiration you receive are rooted in Catholic Doctrine.

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Who are the expert contributors?

What happens after I join?

Pop the confetti! You are officially part of a community of Catholic daughters who care for their parents. After you join, you will receive access to the membership portal, onboard, unlock the proven roadmap our experts developed, and begin to receive weekly support and solutions specifically designed for members of this community.

The expert contributors include therapists, theologians, nurses, doctors, spiritual leaders, authors, leadership development experts, and current and former Catholic caregivers. We are continuously welcoming new expert contributors into our community.

Can I find this content outside of this community?

Do I have to complete the new content every week?

No. All the material you will receive as a member of The Catholic Caregiver Community is original content, developed and tested to follow a proven path that leads you to balance, control, and purpose and aligns with Catholic Doctrine. You will be led on an intentional journey crafted by experts, with current and former caregiver input. We believe you deserve world-class support, and we're here to deliver! When we say this membership is one-of-a-kind, we mean every detail is one-of-a-kind :)

We will deliver new, actionable, intentional, and results-driven support and solutions weekly. This community was designed with you and the lifestyle of a caregiver in mind. If you miss one or several weeks, do not worry! Jump back in with us, or pick-up where you left off. You can always access the previous content you received when you need it.

The Time Is Now

During this season in your life, you must take care of yourself to care for your loved ones to the best of your ability. You are doing and managing a lot right now, and we desire to help, guide, and champion you. My friend, you can't pour from an empty cup. This community was designed for YOU. See you inside

The Catholic Caregiver Community.

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