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The Support, solutions, and accompaniment You need while caring for mom or dad

Balance | Control | Purpose

Are you caring for your aging mom or dad?

Ease the challenges of caring for an aging parent by unlocking result-oriented tools and resources that provide solutions to the common issues and daily struggles you face.

Alleviate the stress of navigating this unexpected and unknown role as we deliver 'The Catholic Caregiver Roadmap' - a proven path towards a successful journey as a caregiver to your aging parent.

Lose the feeling of loneliness by connecting with a relatable community rooted in your shared Catholic faith, ready to accompany you, champion you, and provide you with wisdom and counsel.

Our Mission

The Catholic Caregiver Community is the only community of its kind focused on YOU, the caregiver; not only showing you exactly how to successfully navigate the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges that come with the role of caregiver  - but also guiding you through a proven, step-by-step, roadmap that restores balance to your life, enables you to regain control of your actions, and leads you to care for mom or dad with purpose.

Caring for aging parent

When you join us,

you will...

Sharpen Your Role

Realistically nail down your caregiver role without hindering your professional and personal life (stop spinning in circles).

Cultivate Self-Care

Become a good steward to your body, mind, and soul while caregiving so that you don't compromise your dignity and worth (put your oxygen mask on first).

Lean Into Your Faith

Develop the faith, strength, and wisdom to confidently undertake whatever comes your way (the good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny). Through Him, you can do this.

Leverage Relationships & Community

Engage the proper team to conquer caregiving, there is no need to juggle it all alone (you have more resources than you realize, trust us).

Master Key Moments

Balance | Control | Purpose

Win the key moments, not just as a caregiver but as a daughter or son, knowing that you cared while in a state of peace and joy, preserving mom or dad's dignity.

What do I receive when I join?

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Human & Spiritual Formation

• Caregiver Testimonials & Learnings

• Reflections By Spiritual Leaders

• Virtual Community

• Mobile App

Guided Mediations

• Results-Driven Weekly Content

• Expert Trainings

• Step-By-Step Roadmap

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Mobile App & Social Forum

Expert & Actionable Content

Catholic Caregiver Roadmap

Weekly, you will journey through new content that is actionable, intentional, and simple - all guiding you to a place of balance, control, and living this vocation with purpose. Being a member of this community means that you will be given the tools, resources, and support you need to live and perform in the best way you can throughout your journey caring for your parent. We created content that drives results while valuing your time and many roles outside of being a caregiver.

Gain instant access to the social forum and mobile app. As a member of the Catholic Caregiver Community, you have a team on your side every step of the journey -championing and praying for you. As Catholics, we know the beauty and power of community. Connecting with other Catholics while caring for their aging parents is essential. Step away from the noise of traditional social media and step into a place of encouragement, joy, accompaniment, inspiration, and wisdom.

Wish that someone would give you a "how-to" manual to care for your parent? This is your answered prayer! The Catholic Caregiver Roadmap is a signature and proven success path, designed by experts in their fields and refined with former caregiver input to ensure a successful vocation as a caregiver. Intentionally developed, this roadmap eliminates the guesswork and unnecessary noise of the outside world. Get instant access to The Catholic Caregiver Roadmap!

The transformation that awaits you as a member...

Restore Balance To Your Life

ELIMINATE overwhelm, frustration, and burnout

We have a feeling you need help, and we know we can help.

Regain Control Of Your Actions

Say goodbye to guilt, anger, and fear

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Care with Purpose

live with peace of mind that you are caring in the best way you can

Is this a course?



Caring for an aging parent is a role that evolves with time and is not a linear process. As a caregiver, you need ongoing support, solutions, and accompaniment. There is not a "one size fits all" solution. As a membership, not a course, we are able to be with you every step of the way and every season - providing you support, solutions, and accompaniment throughout your entire journey - the ups, downs, good, messy, and everything in between. We're here as long as you need us!

What happens after I join?


Pop the confetti! You will receive access to The Catholic Caregiver Community membership portal. You'll be guided through onboarding, unlock The Catholic Caregiver Roadmap, join the virtual community and mobile app, receive your first month of support and solutions, and begin restoring balance, regaining control, and caring for mom or dad with a clear purpose in mind.

Is this appropriate for other types of caregivers?


The support, solutions, and accompaniment you need while caring for mom or dad.

The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs of someone taking care of their parent are unique. The support and solutions in the community are designed and developed by experts specifically for individuals caring for an aging parent.


How long is the membership?

The Catholic Caregiver Community is a monthly or annual membership. Your situation and needs are unique - we know that. We are here to provide you with support, solutions, and accompaniment for as little or long as you need it - for some, this is months, and for others, it is years. You can cancel at any time.

Additional FAQs

A Letter from the founders To You

The Story

Taking care of our parents often comes at the most unexpected time, and it is certainly not always easy. Caring for your aging parent is a calling - it is a vocation that God has chosen and blessed you to undertake. My friend, this community was created to walk this vocation with you! The caregiver journey that you are embarking on is a beautiful witness of love and service. The Catholic Caregiver Community was founded after God placed a strong desire in the heart of my daughter, Natasha Lovely, and me, Maria Gaviria, to serve caregivers beyond our network.

My call of caregiving came at a very unexpected time in my life. I initially struggled to achieve balance as I undertook this new role, struggled to regain control of my daily actions and habits, and struggled with "the end in mind" among the challenges that came with this new responsibility that God asked of me. Fortunately, I was blessed with individuals and Catholic resources from my personal and professional network. Through their experiences, expertise, and accompaniment, these individuals served as my pillars of strength, wisdom, hope, and encouragement that ultimately led me to restore balance, regain control, and care with a clear purpose in mind.

In talking with friends, I realized that many of them were experiencing similar challenges to those I overcame through my resources and network. I began to gather a few of us for coffee/tea dates to talk about and navigate our caregiving experience, unite in our strengths, laugh, support one another, share resources, and learn from each other. The positive impact expanded beyond ourselves, it spread to our parents and to our family.

By combining our desire to serve caregivers, my daughter’s experience as a therapist, my expertise in human development and formation as a global leader at a top Fortune 50 company, Procter & Gamble, along with staying true to our Catholic doctrine by leveraging my Master's in Catholic Theology, we created the Catholic Caregiver Community. The content is also sizzled or directly delivered from experts of different caregiving fields. First hand caregiver wisdom and knowledge has also been incorporated.

This is a community rooted in our shared Catholic values and principles, where resources, formation, and accompaniment are readily available to you in a manner that is relatable and accessible. It is a community that provides a proven framework to a successful vocation as a Catholic Caregiver. You are worthy of support!

Natasha and I want to personally invite you to join our community. Our mission and desire is for you to live this caregiver vocation in a place of balance, control, and purpose. Most importantly, our mission is to give you what you need to live this vocation in a manner that allows you to enjoy the last season of your parent's life. With the support, tools, and expert resources in this community, you'll unveil the path to creating moments that matter and that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Welcome to The Catholic Caregiver Community!

God Bless,

Maria Gaviria, M.A. in Catholic Theology

Natasha Lovely, MSW, MBA


Navigate This Season Of Caring For Mom And Dad With

Balance, Control, & Purpose

This community was founded upon the principle of providing you with solutions and support you need, champion you to live out your purpose while answering this vocational call, and inspire you to continue to live a life full of joy during this journey. We know caregiving is not always sunshine and rainbows, and sometimes it feels like a very heavy cross. The good news is, you do not need to carry your cross alone. The beauty of our Catholic faith is our call to be in communion with one another. This community is one of faithfulness, support, joy, and inspiration. We cannot wait to welcome you into our community of Catholics caring for our aging parent/s and accompany you on the journey.

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