A Catholic community to help you make caring for your parent compatible with your personal and professional life

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A supportive and relatable community that delivers weekly actionable, practical, and on-demand tools and solutions that you need to care for mom or dad while living in a state of balance, control, and purpose.

Navigate This Season…The Right Way

The Catholic Caregiver Community by Catholic Daughter equips women with results-driven solutions and relatable support to journey through the season of caring for an aging parent with grace, peace, and joy without losing their mind or neglecting their family, self, career, or faith. We are committed to "walking with" women and equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to conquer the 4th commandment.

Catholic Caregiver Caring for aging parent

The community Catholics are talking about!

The Catholic Caregiver Community: Caring For An Aging Parent

Want to regain balance and control of your life, emotions, and mental state along with being uplifted spiritually? The Catholic Caregiver Community is the place for you. Imagine having a proven approach to follow and every week being delivered a new and easy-to-apply technique or tactic to apply in your personal and professional life! We did the work for you. We gathered the best practices out there! Every week you will get action-by-action steps to conquer the 4th commandment and live with balance, control, and purpose.



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Conquer the 4th Commandment

Restore Order to

your life

Caring for aging parent

Be guided to restore balance and regain control of your life.

Be inspired to care for mom or dad with purpose.

Be accompanied by a community that gets you.

Be formed in God's desire for beauty, truth, and good.

Be motivated to meet your needs while caring for mom or dad.

Are you ready to Transform your life?

The Catholic Caregiver Community is the only community of its kind focused on YOU, the caregiver; showing you exactly how to successfully navigate the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges that come with caring for mom or dad.

You owe it to yourself and your family to live with balance, control, and purpose

Instantly Access An Easy-To-Use Digital Platform

Every week, receive new support, solutions, and accompaniment through your personalized platform.

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Ready To Talk Details About Joining?

• Learn from experts in various fields.

• Receive instruction at a professional level.

• Acquire useful techniques, tactics, tools, and solutions.

• Access continuous guidance, formation, and accompaniment.

• Experience prayer and encouragement from a trusted community.

• Discover practical ways to care for yourself and protect your other roles and priorities.

• Connect with relatable Catholic minds, language, doctrine, scripture, values, and beliefs.

• Engage with transformational and inspirational spiritual meditations, talks, and reflections.


"Through the Catholic Caregiver Community, my mindset has totally changed, and I don’t view my role as a burden, but as a vocation. It’s like having a therapist, a coach, a spiritual director, and a best friend all in the course of one month. As a result, I am kinder to myself, and a better caregiver to my mom"

- Mary, member of The Catholic Caregiver Community

"We desired to form a community of Catholics caring for their mom or dad who share the same mission of honoring father and mother while aiming to be in a healthy state of balance, control, and purpose in their own life."

Catholic Community Support Catholic Caring for aging mom or dad

Maria, Founder

Our Mission

"The Catholic Caregiver Community is a place where our members feel compassion and empathy and find joy and peace with every encounter while experiencing a positive transformation in their lives through the content we deliver every week."

Natasha, Founder

Our mission is to help you navigate the many emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges that come along with caring for your parent.

Sneak a peek at some of the support and solutions members are receiving

Mastering Family Members

Set Self-Care In Motion

Healthcare & The Caregiver

12 Caregiver Communication Commandments

Enable you to sharpen your role as a caregiver.

Keep you accountable to care for yourself.

Inspire creative ways to reach out to the right support.

Spark inspiration through the beautiful gems we have in our faith.

Prompt joyful moments with your mom or dad.

Champion you every step of the way.

Lessons From A Former Caregiver

The Great Catholic Gems

The Decision Making Tool You Need

The Evolution Of An Aging Parent

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By joining you will...

Sharpen Your Role

Pursue Self-Care

Lean Into Your Faith

Realistically nail down your caregiver role without hindering your professional and personal life (stop spinning in circles).

Be a good steward to your body, mind, and soul while caring, without compromising your dignity (you can't fill from an empty cup).

Develop the faith, strength, and wisdom to confidently undertake what comes your way (the good & bad). Through Him, you can do this.

Unite With Others

Master Key Moments

Win key moments, as a caregiver and as a daughter, knowing that you cared in a state of peace and joy, preserving mom or dad's dignity.

Engage the proper team to conquer caregiving, there is no need to juggle it all alone (you have more resources than you realize, trust us).

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Helping you Fill your cup

Every week we will deliver content to fill your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual cup. During this time of caring for mom or dad, engage in things that nourish your whole person, mind, body, soul - things that bring joy, feed your mind, fill your heart, evoke peace, and connect you with a relatable and like-minded community. At The Catholic Caregiver Community, we care for you!

recharge, renew, and replenish through the beautiful, true, and good.

The Catholic Caregiver Community

Your Transformation

Restore Balance

To Your Life

Regain Control Of Your Daily Actions

Care With Purpose

What To Expect

As a member, you will receive guidance, counsel, and relatable accompaniment, all aimed at helping you restore balance in your life, regain control of your actions, and care with purpose. What to expect:

Exclusive On-Demand results-driven support and solutions designed by experts Delivered Weekly

Catholic Caring For Aging Parents

• Access our user-friendly digital platform 24/7

• Onboard and orientation on how to navigate the platform

• Full unveiling of The Catholic Caregiver Roadmap

• New content delivered weekly

• Easy-to-apply actionable techniques, tactics, and tools

• Concrete support and solutions

• Powerful meditations and talks led by priests, religious, and laity

• Content delivered to meet your preferences (audio, written, video)

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Monthly member

Not all caregivers are equal.

Yes, we said it - not all caregivers are equal. You are a Catholic caring for your aging parent. Your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs are unique while caring for mom or dad. Being a caregiver to mom or dad is very different than being a caregiver for a sibling, child, or relative.

The support and solutions you will receive as a member of this community were thoughtfully designed and developed by experts, specifically for individuals caring for an aging parent. We also know your availability is unique, so we created this community to be on-demand and accessible at your fingertips when you need it. No set meeting times or commute is necessary. As a member you have access to support and strategies via your computer or mobile app 24/7.

My friend, when we say, "we get you," we mean it.

This community isn't for everyone

This community is for you if you desire to...

alleviate the stress of navigating the unexpected and unknown of caring for an aging parent.

wave goodbye to caregiver guilt and have peace of mind that you are doing your best.

replenish your depleted spiritual cup, rekindle your relationship with Christ, and lean into your faith.

be encouraged and uplifted from a community of relatable & like-minded Catholics.

restore balance, regain control, and care for mom or dad with a clear and fulfilling purpose.

receive weekly step-by-step support rooted in a proven framework designed for those who care for their parent.

confidently make decisions regarding caregiving that align with our Catholic faith.

Catholic Caregiver Catholic Daughter (1)

The Catholic Caregiver Community is a continuous support system leading you permanently wave goodbye to:

Caring for an elderly parent is an evolving role.

Caring for an elderly parent is a role that evolves with time (and age). The Catholic Caregiver Community provides continuous and ongoing support, solutions, and accompaniment as your role and situation evolve.

Annual Member

Monthly Member

Catholic Caring For Aging Parents mom and dad
Catholic Caring For Aging Parents mom and dad

Receive results-driven weekly content, expert trainings, guided mediations, human & spiritual formation, and reflections by spiritual leaders.

All of the same benefits that monthly members receive with a discounted rate when you join The Catholic Caregiver Community.

$15 per month

$150 per year (2 months free)

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Who are the expert contributors?

What happens after I join?

The expert contributors include therapists, theologians, nurses, doctors, spiritual leaders, authors, leadership development experts, and current and former Catholic caregivers. We are continuously welcoming new expert contributors into our community.

Pop the confetti! You are officially part of a community of thousands of Catholic daughters who care for their parents. After you join, you will receive access to the membership portal, onboard, unlock the proven roadmap our experts developed, and begin to receive weekly support and solutions specifically designed for members of this community.

Can I use and share the materials at my parish support group?

Do you offer membership for parishes and religious organizations?

We love hearing that your parish has a support group for caregivers. Please contact us for group subscriptions or parish programs. All of the materials in the membership are original content, copyrighted and only available for individuals use. The materials may not be shared or distributed without prior permission.

Yes! If you are a parish or religious organization looking to provide this membership for your parishioners and/or employees, please contact us by clicking here.

Your time is valuable.

Your Trusted on-demand source as a catholic caring for your aging parent.

We believe your time is best spent acting and implementing.

We've done the research, gathered the experts, tested the methods, and designed the action-by-action success path for Catholics caring for mom or dad, putting it all in one accessible and trusted place - The Catholic Caregiver Community.

We did the heavy-lifting, saving you time and effort.

Your job is to implement, have peace of mind you're making the right decisions aligned with your Catholic beliefs, and, most importantly, cherish the last season of your parent's life.

I'm ready!

The Catholic Caregiver Community

The ongoing support, solutions, and accompaniment Catholics need while caring for their aging parent.

Restore balance | Regain control | Care With Purpose

Your time is now

Join The Catholic Caregiver


Discovering this community of like-minded and relatable Catholics caring for our aging parents is not a coincidence. During this season in your life, you must take care of yourself to care for your loved ones to the best of your ability. You are doing and managing a lot right now, and we desire to help, guide, and champion you. My friend, you can't pour from an empty cup. This community was designed for YOU. See you inside

The Catholic Caregiver Community.

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A Few More FAQ

Is this a course?

Can I find this content outside of this community?

No. All the material you will receive as a member of The Catholic Caregiver Community is original content, developed to follow a proven path that leads you to balance, control, and purpose and aligns with Catholic Doctrine. You will be led on an intentional journey crafted by experts, with current and former caregiver input. We believe you deserve world-class support, and we're here to deliver! When we say this membership is one-of-a-kind, we mean every detail is one-of-a-kind :)

Caring for an aging parent is a role that evolves with time. This is not a linear process. As a caregiver you require ongoing support and solutions. There is not a "one size fits all" solutions; therefore, this is not a course. As a membership, we are able to accompany you every step of the journey with relevant and fresh new content, every week!

Is this appropriate for other caregivers?

Do I have to complete the new content every week?

Not all caregivers are equal. The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs of a daughter taking care of her parent is unique. The support and solutions in this community are designed and developed by experts specifically for individuals caring for an aging parent.

We will deliver new, actionable, intentional, and results-drive support and solutions to you every week. This community was designed with you and the lifestyle of a caregiver in mind. If you miss one or several weeks, do not worry! Jump back in with us or pick-up where you left off. You can always access the previous content you received when you need it.

I'm not Catholic, may I still join?

How long is the membership?

Absolutely! You are certainly welcome in this community! Please note that all of our resources, tools, content, and deliverables are rooted in Catholic Doctrine.

The Catholic Caregiver Community is a monthly or annual membership. Your situation and needs are unique - we know that. We are here to provide you with support, solutions, and accompaniment for as little or long as you need it. Some members need us a few months, and others have been with us a few years. You can cancel at anytime.

How often do I receive new content?

Can I keep the content, support, and solutions I receive?

Every week! Yes, every week, you will receive new content in a multi-media format that you can access from your computer or mobile devices.

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you keep everything you are given and refer back to it when needed. All the content you receive will also be stored in your membership portal - think of this as your personal collection of all things Catholic Daughter and Catholic Caregiver.

The Community

This is a community rooted in our shared Catholic values and principles, where resources, formation, and accompaniment are readily available to you in a manner that is relatable and accessible. It is a community that provides a proven framework to a successful vocation as a Catholic Caregiver.

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